George Green
George who?

George Green first appeared as a supporting character in Unbelievers.  He's an amiable, seemingly bumbling figure, and - partly thanks to his somewhat unconventional way of looking at the world - he seems to attract more than his fair share of mishaps.

During some downtime in the middle of the shoot, after filming a scene with George actor James Bristol, co-creator Matthew Colclough and executive producer Robert Steven Hunt took the crew to a nearby field to shoot some short additional scenes exploring what the character might get up to when he wasn't busy being part of the main plot, and those scenes formed the basis for the initial episodes of George's own miniseries.

The spin-off was half-forgotten for a while as we concentrated on the main show, but further George episodes were shot in 2019 to bring the total to 7, with the series released on YouTube in early 2020.  He returned for a two-part Lockdown Special a few months later, and we haven't seen the last of George yet...

Part of Series 1 · Released on 2020-03-13

George has run out of cereal and wants to make himself a nice slice of toast. Or maybe two. But the toaster seems to have other ideas...

‘Fresh Air’
Part of Series 1 · Released on 2020-03-20

George is out and about, enjoying the scenery and the fresh air... what could possibly go wrong?

‘The Secret Recipe’
Part of Series 1 · Released on 2020-03-27

A party beckons, and George is making a cake from his Auntie Nellie's top-secret recipe.  A complete lack of baking experience is no obstacle... or is it?

Part of Series 1 · Released on 2020-04-03

It's cold outside, but George has a dangerous mission beyond the front door, and he isn't taking any chances...

‘Gobstopper Science’
Part of Series 1 · Released on 2020-04-10

Gobstoppers aren't as simple as people think, and George's podcast is a vital source of detailed technical information on this very important subject.

‘Windy Rainy’
Part of Series 1 · Released on 2020-04-17

The weather can be a fickle thing, and George seems to be having a spot of bother with it.  Again.

‘The Box’
Part of Series 1 · Released on 2020-04-24

Season finale: George receives a very exciting - and very unwieldy - parcel!

‘Lock Down, Push Up’
Part of the Lockdown Specials 2020 · Released on 2020-06-06

In the first half of a 2-part special, George keeps a video log documenting his efforts to stay healthy while stuck at home.

Part of the Lockdown Specials 2020 · Released on 2020-06-19

In the second half of a 2-part special, George gets ready to emerge into the wide world for the first time in months...